Relish Authentic Rajasthani Food at These 4 Delhi’s Restaurants

Rajasthani food spread has some of the best Indian dishes and are unique compared to other Indian cuisines. Many of these foods can be stored for several days and they can be served without heating. Rajasthan has a wide variety of popular dishes in various categories like snacks and sweets. Some items like Bikaneri Bhujia and Dal-baati-churma have gained popularity among international and national foodies.

Rajasthani dishes offer scrumptious and exotic combo meals that tickle your taste buds. Most of the dishes are rich in spices, which is due to the influence of the Rajputs who love spicy non-vegetarian dishes.

Shraman – The Ashok

This is one of the best restaurants to enjoy typical Rajasthani dishes in elegant ambience. The staffs at this restaurant are well groomed and friendly with the customers. In short, the hospitality in this restaurant is very good. Restaurant reservations can be done at this restaurant prior to your visit.

Regulars to this restaurant recommend Shraman’s special platter, Marwadi Thali (all popular marwadi delicacies are served in one Thali). It serves only Jain food, but the flavour is very authentic and will linger with you till your next visit. The cuisines offered at Shraman are sumptuous.

You are sure to leave this restaurant with a heavy and satisfied tummy and the pricing over here is quite reasonable.


Kathputli has a Rajasthani ambience and the food served over here is quite delicious. It is located in the defence colony of New Delhi. The interior decorations in this restaurant are pretty good. The starters served here remind you of pure Rajasthani flavours. Kachories and crispy bati dipped in ghee and dal are simply irresistible. In sweets, regulars recommend the tasty jalebis and moong dal halwa prepared in typical Rajasthani style.

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant

This restaurant is well known for its thalis. If you are craving for typical Rajasthani food, then this hotel is the right pick for you. The ambience at this restaurant is pretty decent and gives you the feel of dining in Rajasthan.

The thalis over here are served until you get exhausted and cannot eat anymore. The pricing is reasonable for the quantity of food they serve. They also have different combos for the thalis they offer. In simple words, this is the right pick for authentic Rajasthani food, which one shouldn’t miss.

Masala Trail

The interior decoration of Masala Trail is colourful and lively and this is the main reason why people love to visit this place again and again. The speciality of this restaurant is that it serves all kinds of street foods in a very different style. The chat items you taste outside are not the same as you taste at this restaurant. Regulars recommend the chaat tower, chole bature and kulfi faluda over here. One gets to taste the best chat items with a typical Rajasthani flavour added to it. You also get Maharashtra food items over here. Dabeli is one of the lip-smacking items.

Visit these 4 restaurants in Delhi if you want to relish authentic Rajasthani dishes. We are sure you would love your dining experience.

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